Homestead Property Inspections

Homestead Property Inspections

Helping You Make an Informed Decision

Buying a home is possibly the largest, most exciting investment you'll ever make; there is no reason it should have to be a risky one. It is unrealistic to assume that of the millions of homes that transfer owners each year, all will be structurally and mechanically sound. Some of these defects may be glaringly evident; others require the trained eye of a certified home inspector to uncover.

Homestead Property Inspections have NACHI Certified Home Inspectors that will serve as your trained eye. Accuracy and Truth in reporting supersede all other considerations. It is the company's mission to provide the client with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

First-Time Home Buyer Seminars

Many first-time home buyers have questions regarding the home inspection process. Homestead Property Inspections is proud to work with various real estate professionals in presenting first-time home buyer seminars!

With HPI, you will have professionals that understand all the concerns and questions that many first-time home buyers have in making their first most important significant purchase!